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Tobias Funke Embroidery Hoop Art - "I just blue myself"

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Tobias Fünke Embroidery Hoop Art

Any fan of Arrested Development (TV show) will know this quote right away. Tobias Fünke is one of the best TV Show characters ever. He desperately wants to become an actor in the Blue Man Group, & as a result paints himself in blue paint head to toe, only to miss out on the part. This hoop art makes the Perfect gift for that Arrested Development fan in your life, or for your home!



Hand embroidered onto light blue fabric with yellow thread used on the words, & navy blue thread used on the Tobias outline

Nestled into a 6 inch embroidery hoop

Backed with scrapbook paper for easy wall hanging
  *option 1: Use Command Picture Hanging strips on back, & stick to wall

   option 2: Hang from a ribbon or sewing pin through the hoop screw area

*Hanging options not included