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Tandem Bikes Are For Lovers Embroidery Hoop Art

Tandem bikes are so adorable, it's a fact. Having a piece of bike wall art hung up in your home instantly transforms a space into something fun, retro, and kitschy. (hey, that's in the store name title!) While everyone else hangs up flat, 2 dimensional prints of bikes on their gallery walls, you can have a unique, hand stitched piece of fiber art that literally pops off the fabric on Your wall. Anyone that enters your home is bound to notice! So if you want to have a piece of home decor like no one else's, choose The Kitschy Stitcher! :)

Set of 2 six-inch embroidery hoops

Hand stitched onto mint green fabric, with coral thread used on the bike, royal blue thread on the chain, twine used for the balloon strings, and white wheels.

Balloons are filled in with red watercolor pencil.

covered with scrapbook paper on the back for easy wall hanging
(option 1: Use Command Picture Hanging strips on back, & stick to wall)
(option 2: Hang from a ribbon or strip of lace)
▲▲ Hanging options not included▲▲


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