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Merry Christmas Beginner Embroidery Kit

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"Merry Christmas" Embroidery Christmas Kit

Rainbow Trees Embroidery Kit

All supplies included!


Bob Ross said it best when he talked about his "happy little trees". Is there anything happier than little colorful Christmas trees in a row?! This colorful embroidery kit checks all my holiday boxes. This is just such a fun one to make, you're going to love it!

This kit includes:

🧵 Wooden embroidery hoop- 6 inch
🧵 Pre-printed fabric with design
🧵 Embroidery needle-size 6
🧵 DMC embroidery thread in all colors needed for this pattern
🧵 Paper booklet with full set of instructions & diagrams to make it!

You also have the option to ADD a magnetic needleminder to your kit! Needleminders magnetically hold your needle while you are working on your embroidery project. No more painful needles stuck in the couch, or in your foot! (I've been there. It's not fun.)

✂ Add 1 needleminder (2 style options): +$5
(regularly $11.08, so this is a special add-on price for buying a kit!)
**Choose between my floral spool needleminder, or my hot air balloon needleminder. See photos

✂ Just the kit, NO needleminder: $37