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Hot Air Balloon Needle Minder

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Hot Air Balloon

Magnetic Enamel Needle-Minders

Needle Minders keep your sewing needle handy while you're working on a sewing project; that includes embroidery, cross stitch, quilting, or any other project that involves a needle! (They can also be worn on the lapel as a fashion accessory!) Minders work by sandwiching your fabric in between the magnets (each minder comes with 2: a magnet on the back of the balloon, and a separate magnet to hold it to the fabric.) The needle is held in place magnetically for you! No more stepping on needles in the carpet or losing it altogether.

Hard Enamel
Shiny gold border/details
Strong magnet

*needle not included

**side note: you can even wear these as lapel pins! The magnet is not strong enough for coat lapels or very thick apparel fabric, but you could wear it on your shirt!*